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Mesa Naranja Diversity & Inclusion

Juno House
26 May 2022

An Inclusion Model – AIM

Do you ever wonder why some people are not that enthusiastic about Diversity & Inclusion? Why some actions/activities do not get enough attention/participants? That has to do with the phase of inclusion people are at. After all, you are not interested to hear about renovations when you just bought a new build house either.

This AIM session will explain what phases an organisation goes through on the way to inclusion. What to focus on, what actions are best per phase, and how to ensure optimal results. Of course, there will be time to reflect on your organisation, what phase you are in and what actions should be next (with lots of best practices).

Our guest speaker, Wendy Broersen, Superpeople Company’s CEO, introduces this revolutionary model for you to work with to transform your company culture into an inclusive culture where everyone feels like they belong and can prosper. After a 30 min. talk, we will do a Q&A and networking during lunch.

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